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StorageLibrary LTO

The Storageflex StorageLibrary T160+ tape library is a professional backup and data protection solution, providing maximum performance and scalable capacities.

The StorageLibrary T160+ is a modular tape library consisting of four StorageLibrary T40+ in a stacked configuration. The StorageLibrary T40+ Pass-Thru feature allows up to five StorageLibrary T40+ units to be stacked together, increasing the number of slots from 40 to 77, 114, 151 or 188 slots.

The StorageLibrary T40+ tape library family is designed to improve efficiency and minimize downtime. The Web browser-based remote management interface allows you to monitor, control, configure and diagnose problems from anywhere in the world. The StorageLibrary T40+ family supports system monitoring and can be easily configured to send an e-mail on any error. The T40+ is supplied with redundant power supplies. The second power supply provides redundancy for mission critical operations and avoids power interruption to the library. Both power supplies share the load under normal operating conditions. However, if one of the power supplies fails, the other will assume the full load.

The StorageLibrary T160+ tape library provides outstanding value for IT managers that need to perform large, unattended backups, and who require flexibility, reliability and a future proof solution. The metal construction provides an extremely robust and rugged solution for optimal, long-term operation. The tape drive, power supply and fans are all customer replaceable units (CRU) and can even be replaced without removing the library from the rack.