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Storageflex Extended Maintenance (SEM)

Would you like to reduce operating expenses? There are many benefits to switching from the OEM to Storageflex to maintain your IT hardware, not the least of which is the substantial savings you can realize. Below are some of the reasons customers switch from OEM to 3rd parties for maintenance of their IT hardware.

Business Value

  • Save money – switching from the OEM to Storageflex for your hardware maintenance makes good financial sense because we can save you up to 50% on your maintenance costs.
  • Extend the life of your IT assets – just because the OEM is no longer servicing the equipment, doesn’t mean you have to retire it. We can maintain equipment after it’s gone End of Service Life (EOSL) so you can maximize the ROI on your expensive IT assets.
  • Simplified vendor management – tired of dealing with multiple vendors every time you have to renew service on your IT equipment or having a different support procedure for every vendor? We can maintain your servers, storage and the equipment that connects them, streamlining your support procedures and service renewal. And we can offer flexible options that many OEMs don’t.
  • Quicker response – unlike many OEMs that have outsourced their call answering, dispatch and technical support centers to India or other places far from home, all of our people are local and ready to serve you.
  • No finger-pointing – because we can provide multi-vendor support, we eliminate the finger pointing that can result in a heterogeneous environment when no one vendor wants to take ownership of the problem.