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2U up to 48TB’s Flash Storage

3945N TG Flash Storage

As metadata grows, it causes significant deterioration in a system’s behavior over time. With IntelliFlash, 3945N TG flash storage arrays organize and store metadata, independent of the data, on dedicated high performance DRAM and flash with optimized retrieval paths. Combined with 3945N TG’s advanced flash-driven caching algorithms, 3945N TG’s metadata handling accelerates every storage function within the system, raising the performance of hybrid storage systems to the level of solid state drives.

The Storageflex 3945N TG is designed to give you a single platform with the flexibility of using all flash, a mixture of flash and disk, or a mixture of high performance flash and high-density flash for your storage. You dial up or down the amount of flash to match the performance and economic demands of your business applications. Our IntelliFlash architecture delivers Total Investment Protection by being able to rapidly incorporate newer forms of persistent media (dense flash, or even persistent memory technologies) seamlessly with full data management software features.