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4 Bay Tabletop or Rack Mounted SAN/NAS

3945L Unified SAN NAS

The Storageflex™ 3945L SAN and NAS Servers from Storageflex™ establishes a new standard in easy-to-use network-ready Storage devices. These Network Attach Servers are cost effective Solutions designed to be easily networked on an Ethernet Network running Windows, Unix and/or MAC. 3945L can be equipped with four hard disks or SSD, with or without RAID Level Protection for the most performance demanding and high access traffic applications. Installation is fast and simple with immediate access to all media from most popular operating systems without the need for additional hardware, software or licenses. Each 3945L can be used as a standalone tower or rack-mounted chassis. Each system attaches directly to any 10/100/1,000mbit Ethernet Network with dual NIC ports. NIC Teaming and Failover is supported for performance gain and fault tolerance.