Storageflex Valet Service

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Storageflex brings another first to customer satisfaction!

Customers are overwhelmed in today’s fast paced work environment with too many tasks and not enough time and human resources to perform them.

In addition to Remote Web Installation Service, all Storageflex products covered by warranty are provided Free Storageflex Valet Service.

Much like a parking valet parks your car for you, Storageflex Engineers are available to remotely manage your system when requested for common tasks such as expanding raid arrays, adding disks, formatting new logical drives, configuring hot spare, etc.

Gone are the days when you need to search for missing manuals, download new ones, read an entire chapter before attempting such tasks with uncertainty.

Storageflex Engineers are here to assist as needed for such management tasks at no additional cost to the customer! Storageflex Valet Service is free between the hours of 10am and 4pm Eastern Standard Time Monday to Friday with one day advance booking prior subject to availability.

To schedule your Storageflex Valet Service, please email your system’s serial number (found on the rear of the chassis’ top cover) and preferred date and time to