Storageflex adds Flash Based Memory Backup

TORONTO, ONTARIO (November 12, 2012) – Storageflex Inc announced general availability of its Flash Based Backup (FBB) technology which provides RAID controller cache protection using NAND flash memory and a supercapacitor. This replaces older battery based technology with shorter life span and great heat generation.
In the event of a power or server failure, Flash Based Backup (FBB) technology automatically transfers cached data from the DRAM cache to flash. Once power is restored, the data in the NAND flash is copied back into cache until it can be flushed to the disk drives. This technology eliminates the need for Lithium-ION battery backups that are traditionally used to protect cache memory on RAID controllers.
Flash Based Backup (FBB) now comes standard on Storageflex’s 3945N and HA3969 platforms.
About Storageflex 

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