HA3969 has added support for 8TB Hot Swap SAS disks

TORONTO, ONTARIO (July 8, 2015) – Storageflex™ Inc., a leading global manufacturer of high-performance, high-availability storage systems, announced today that its HA3969 family now supports HGST’s enterprise-class Ultrastar® 8TB hard disk drives (HDD). In a class of their own, HGST 8TB HDDs enable Storageflex users to dramatically increase their storage capacity, enhance performance, and reduce power and cooling costs, while ensuring ease of management for their growing data storage needs.

Handling ever-increasing data growth with limited data center space is a key challenge for enterprises. With Storageflex’s HA3969 system and HGST’s 8TB HDDs, the maximum capacity of a single HA3969 system can reach 3.4 petabytes (PB), which is ideal for companies looking to maximize their data storage capacity and minimize floor space utilization.

HGST’s 8TB SAS HDDs provide a 33 percent capacity boost compared to previous 6TB models. The drives also run quieter and cooler, consume 23 percent less power and write up to three times faster than the 6TB model, making them the mainstream drive of choice for capacity enterprise applications. Due to the patented manufacturing process and the inherent benefits of Helium, HGST’s HelioSeal drives are field proven and feature an unprecedented reliability rating of 2.5M hours MTBF. All these factors translate into better performance and lower total cost of ownership for storage system users.

Vice President Brendan Collins, Product Marketing at HGST said: “Capacity will always matter. Our HelioSeal platform is the only technology to provide unmatched reliability and a long-term path for delivering higher capacity storage on a standard 3.5-inch HDD form factor, while lowering power and drive temperature at the same time. By leveraging our high-capacity 8TB drives, Infortrend is taking advantage of its strong position in capacity-hungry storage markets, ensuring that more businesses will be able to manage their data storage smarter without increasing their physical storage footprint.”

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