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SAB 300 pixels
Wide Area Network Optimization for all protocols with optional SD WAN Capability. Ideal for TCP/IP and UDP Traffic Optimization, Remote File Sharing Acceleration and Remote Replication Performance Improvements

WAN Optimization

Storageflex develops data center class network appliances and management tools that maximize WAN performance while minimizing WAN costs. The company’s unique network approach to WAN optimization delivers unprecedented scalability and flexibility, making Storageflex’s NX and VX WAN optimization solutions a strategic enabler for key IT initiatives, including data center consolidation, data migration, disaster recovery, server centralization, and global application / desktop virtualization.

NX Appliances
NX appliances are standalone devices that seamlessly fit into any enterprise network, sitting between network resources and the WAN infrastructure that is used to connect them to remote users. Deployment of NX appliances requires absolutely no client, server, or application reconfiguration. NX appliances use patent-pending Network Memory™ technology to significantly reduce the amount of data traversing the WAN and ensure LAN-like application performance. In addition, NX appliances leverage Network Acceleration techniques to overcome WAN latency, and Network Integrity features to mitigate the effects of packet loss across the WAN. Robust Quality of Service (QoS) policies ensure applications are prioritized appropriately and given adequate network resources. The result is order of magnitude performance improvements, reduced IT costs, and increased management and security.

VX Appliances
VX appliances are software-only versions of NX appliances. They support all the same Network Acceleration, Network Integrity (including QoS), and Network Memory™ features as their NX counterparts, but in a virtualized manner. By deploying VX family of appliances on industry standard servers, enterprises reap all the cost and flexibility benefits of server virtualization.