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2U 24 Bay Expandable to 360 disks

3U 16 Bay Expandable to 316 disks

4U 60 Bay Expandable to 360 disks

HA3969 RAID Array

Storageflex™ HA 3969 is Storageflex’s High Performance OpenStack Cinder Ready Fibre Channel , iSCSI & SAS Host RAID solution for mission critical Applications. Designed with redundancy throughout all components, Storageflex HA 3969 provides maximum uptime for un-interrupted computing. Optional Dual Hot Swappable Active-Active Mirrored Cache RAID Controllers connects to the SAN and provides Flash Based Cache Backup for unlimited hours of cache protection from power outages.

Storageflex Cinder driver allows OpenStack clouds to oversee and manage the operations of HA3969 storage systems. The driver is fully customized for compatibility with OpenStack Cinder and ensures HA3969 storage systems offer reliable block-level data transfers.

Thanks to OpenStack Cinder driver integration, Storageflex customers are now able to deploy virtual machines and scale horizontally in cloud environments with ease, flexibility and interoperability.

Available in 3U 16 Bay expandable to 316 disks or 4U 48 Bay expandable to 360 disks, Fault Tolerance Storage of up to 2.16PB with a low entry price point and configuration.