Storageflex HA3969 now Supports 512TB Per Single Logical Drive

TORONTO, ONTARIO (Marketwired – March 2, 2014)
 – Storageflex, today announced support for Logical Drives (LD) up to 512TB in size. The increased single Logical Drive capacity allows users to select higher capacity disks and increase capacity utilization, especially in storage-hungry applications such as media entertainment, backup, and archive. Larger single Logical Drive capacity also means easier storage configuration and greater flexibility.

In recent years, disk capacity has grown exponentially. Business-class drives in 6TB are very popular and soon 8TB drives will be certified. Following this trend, Storageflex expanded single Logical Drive capacity to 512TB so customers can easily deploy HA3969 RAID systems with fewer LDs and remove the need for capacity-consuming partitioning due to RAID logical drive parity requirements. This enhancement simplifies management and helps users better utilize larger capacity hard drives for improved return on investment and considerable savings.

As an example, an entry level HA3969 (2U 12-bay) populated with 8TB drives offers 96TB raw capacity. With the 512TB allotment the entire array fits within one Logical Drive, with no need for the multiple tasks required in multi-Logical Drive configuration. Also, just one hard drive is used as parity requirement in RAID 5 or two for RAID 6, instead of the several hard drives required in any multi-Logical Drive topology.

“Large logical drives are a natural evolution of our effort to make storage easier to use and more future-proof as drive capacity grows and users require bigger capacities”, commented Paul Chan, President of Storageflex Inc.

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